Vendor managed inventory
Vendor mastered inventory.

Automated ordering that combines powerful analytics with human know-how to place the best orders in the least amount of time.

From Demand Forecasting to Fulfillment in Minutes.

Avantalytics offers speed and ultimate flexibility in demand generation. Whether you're writing canned or custom orders, we offer a powerful yet intuitive user interface for generating accurate demand-driven orders.


Powerful, Flexible Ordering Interface.

Our ordering interface is flexible yet powerful. Write multiple orders simultaneously, set store exceptions, maintain min-fills, maximums, and change orders with remaining inventory updating in real-time. With 90% no-change order potential, and 2 store / second generation speed, vendor managed inventory has finally matured.

Warehouse Optimized

Demand-Based Kit Generation

Create "kits" based on actual demand.

Save hours creating rack assortments.

Easily integrate contract grower shipments.

Automated customizable rack distribution.

Group items easily for cohort racking.

Create, test, iterate in real-time.

Kit-based ordering allows your warehouse to pack racks ahead of time and with 70% less overall rack content combinations while providing stores with excellent multi-rack assortments overall.

Leverage Your Data

Field Inventory, In Realtime.

Combine Avantalytics mobility to enable real-time inventory updates so you can always place the best orders and maximize sales without lag time effects.

Gain visibility to store on-hands in realtime .

Connect field operations to your ordering easily.

We manage automated ordering at scale.

With thousands of stores, tens of thousands of items across multiple retailers, we're experienced in handling ordering at the highest scale.


(Over 225m store / item combinations managed for ordering each week.)

Get Integrated With All Our Services

With all our services - Automated Ordering and the data it generates is available in a unified analytics platform for real-time monitoring and analysis.

Trusted By Thousands

The breadth of features makes our Automated Ordering service the go-to choice for suppliers and merchandisers across hundreds of categories and retailers alike.

Natures Way
Assa Abloy
Garden State Growers
Azek Inc

Whether you are a Fortune 100 company or a small up-start supplier - we're ready to work to grow your business.

Our Clients Are Our Best Sales People.

The saying is true - happy clients are your best salespeople. As a SaaS company, we actively solicit feedback and build features and enhancements continuously based on customer feedback.

Priced On What You Actually Sell.

Core to our beliefs - if you are writing good orders, the product you ship will sell. If this service isn't helping you do that, you don't pay for it. Unlike our competitors, our model only charges you if the product sells through the registers - not on shipments. What a concept!

Growth  Plan

Ordering Analytics

Just 0.17% of Retail Scans.

(Capped at $96k annually)

Includes all retail accounts.

No minimums required.

Unlimited store / items.

No data / storage fees.

No per-user fees.

Professional Support

Included Free.

Webinar / Email / Phone Support.

Monthly webinar training: 3

Unlimited Email/Phone Support

Software requests: Yes

No hidden costs

Bundles & Discounts

Save up to 50% on bundled service plans. Save 20% on multi-year contracts.

Our services are designed to compliment each other. Save time and money and get your entire retail visibility in one place for the best price possible.

Contact us to discuss bundle pricing on our other service modules and save today!

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We offer a no-pressure sales conversation to help you learn whether we might be a good fit and how we can help your company execute most efficiently!