Mother Nature can be a cruel mistress.

Get a better handle on how weather trends year-over-year and location to location affect your sales. With seven years of daily zip-code detail data, you'll be able to separate execution issues from mean-reversion from weather catastrophe in minutes.

Over 40,000 Forecasts Recorded Daily.

Our weather analytics brings high granularity of forecast data for use in the unified analytics platform.

End The Cycle

Is the trend your friend?

One of the hardest analytical chores is understanding the impact that weather has. Its temporal, its local and it is always changing. Our analytics allow you to visualize and analyze all these facets in minutes. Simple enough to understand without a meteorological degree, in-depth enough to tell the true story.

Vast Historical Data

History is Everything.

Weather comps are more pronounced than any sales comp, but without access to historical data it can be easy to forget and impossible to show after-the-fact the impact that weather had on your sales. "Are we up because of weather last year?" "Did it rain on Mother's Day?" -- all questions easily answered with our weather analytics.

Getting Timing Right

The Seasonality Gamble.

One of the hardest parts of weather is picking the right time to pull the trigger for Spring. If you have perishable items such as plants or are wondering when to begin a winter markdown, understanding when seasonality occurs is paramount to your success.

Get Integrated With All Our Services

With all our services - Weather Analytics and the data it generates is available in a unified analytics platform for real-time monitoring and analysis.

Trusted By Thousands

The breadth of features makes our Weather Analytics service the go-to choice for suppliers and merchandisers across hundreds of categories and retailers alike.

Natures Way
Assa Abloy
Garden State Growers
Azek Inc

Whether you are a Fortune 100 company or a small up-start supplier - we're ready to work to grow your business.

Our Clients Are Our Best Sales People.

The saying is true - happy clients are your best salespeople. As a SaaS company, we actively solicit feedback and build features and enhancements continuously based on customer feedback.

Companion Pricing.

Like all our services, Weather Analytics is designed to be combined and enriched through integration with other core services. Toward this end we believe that you should be able to get Weather Analytics with any service, affordably. As a result, we offer minimum 50% bundle discounts for this package.

Standard  Plan

Weather Analytics

As little as $499 / Per Month

Ready on day one.

Integrates with sales.

Over 120m historical records

Bundles & Discounts

Save of at least 50% on bundled service plans. Save 10% more on multi-year contracts

Our services are designed to compliment each other. Save time and money and get your entire retail visibility in one place for the best price possible.

Contact us to discuss bundle pricing on our other service modules and save today!

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