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Retail Analytics / Intro

More Than Reporting.

Most companies start their journey looking for good retail reporting to tame their retail data. Good reporting is just the beginning.

It is the analysis of this data that leads to sales gains, operational efficiences, and greater profitability.

Retail Analytics / Intro

Analysis redefined.

We change how companies analyze their data by fusing traditional reporting with interactions between external market data.

A simple intuitive user interface allows you to easily work with your data to drive your business in new directions and navigate a complex retail landscape.

POS & Inventory Reporting

Ready to go.

We have dozens of standard and proprietary reports already designed specifically for the retail channel so your analysis can on-ramp directly to the fast-lane.

Each is designed to work across all your retail customers so you can understand your entire business, in one place, for one flat fee.

Intuitive Reporting / Interface

Frustrated? Get ready for easy.

We've revolutionized how you interact by layering a rich visual interface over the typical reporting interface.

The result being you can explore your data visually and be led to the report you want without checking dozens of boxes.

POS & Inventory Reporting

Made to share.

All reports can be scheduled for delivery, exported, shared via the URL, and much more.

We've spent years creating and honing an interface that is as friendly to an account executive as it is a data analyst. It's visual, it's intuitive, and it's fast.

Retail Analytics / Redefined

Analysis to analytics.

Bolster your analysis with our proprietary automated algorithms designed specifically for the retail field.

Quantify the effect of non-productive inventory in stores, RDC and store out-of-stocks, promotion spend, price elasticity, markdown schedules and more.

Category Monitoring / Integrated

Get Integrated.

Intelligence is always more valuable the more it can be integrated. All our services integrate seamlessly together to bolster each other.

Retail POS & Inventory Analytics service serves as the cornerstone for integrating our other services.


No time to waste...

Your business can't wait, so why should you. Our on-boarding process averages less than 6 weeks.

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Category Monitoring / Price

Understand the entire shelf.

Your items are not the only items on the shelf. Have you considered how yours stack up against your competitors?

Our category monitoring service monitors over a million prices across the seven largest retailers in the world allowing you to understand the impact of not just your items and promotions, but those of your competitors as well.

Category Monitoring / Consumer Ratings

Price isn't everything.

When a customer checks ratings and reviews of your product in the aisle with their mobile device, are you confident they'll be receiving good news?

Our service allows you to monitor consumer ratings across retailers and competitors to ensure the more research your customer does, the more likely they are to choose your product.

Category & Price Monitoring / Granularity

Location is everything.

We monitor pricing and availabilty down to the zip code whenever possible. We do so because we know its critical to evaluate regional pricing and availability.

Because when it comes to optimizing profit margins, real estate isn't the only place where location matters.

Category & Price Monitoring / Alerts

We've got your back.

This service integrates into our notification engine so you can be alerted when a variety of events occur.

Whether its watching for a competitor price change, a promotion, a poor customer review, or a competing item expanding into new regions - get alerts instead of constantly pouring through data.

Category Monitoring / Integrated

"Intel" Integrated.

Intelligence is always more valuable the more it can be integrated. All our services integrate seamlessly together to bolster each other.

Combine our POS & Inventory Analytics service with Category Monitoring to assess how your competitiveness is affecting sales today.

Field Sales Mobility

Take your data with you.

Our mobile interface allows your field sales personnel to get store specific information including inventory, sales, store based alerts and more.

Get information back as well through store visit notes, photos, completed tasks, inventory updates, even orders.

Field Sales Mobility

Improve oversight.

Usage data allows you to track time in the store, distance to store, check-in/outs and more.

Increase accountability to better justify the cost of field sales initiatives. Provide field intelligence feedback to your customer.

Field Sales Mobility / Tasks

Task management made easy.

With this service comes a custom task creation and management interface to allow you to easily assign tasks across areas, manage the data as it returns from the field, all without more management hours.

Whether you have 5 field sales people or hundreds across the nation, this interface allows you to manage tasks for all of them in real-time.

Field Sales Mobility / Secure

Simple. Secure.

No customer data is stored on user devices. No "apps" to download/maintain. 100% SSL encrypted communication.

All this means your users have a secure and simple interface available on any modern mobile device.

Field Sales Mobility / Integrated

Mobile, integrated.

Intelligence is always more valuable the more it can be integrated. All our services integrate seamlessly together to bolster each other.

Combine Field Sales Mobility to seamlessly connect your POS sales data to your field sales teams and better understand how to maximize your investment in your people.

VMI / Pay-By-Scan

Inventory visibility is key.

If you are a pay-by-scan supplier, you know the difficulty in ordering starts with the ability to properly track store inventory.

Our POS & Inventory analytics service provides the ability to compute and constantly update inventory counts so you can order properly.

VMI / Pay-By-Scan Ordering

Simplified Order Generation.

The other difficulty in pay-by-scan supplier world is order generation. We provide a solution for this that doesn't involve paying percentages on the order value.

Our user-assisted automated ordering algorithms make generating large numbers of orders simple. We use an intelligent blend of metrics to ensure that you can optimize sell through while still maximizing sales.

VMI / Pay-By-Scan

Mobile, integrated.

Intelligence is always more valuable the more it can be integrated. All our services integrate seamlessly together to bolster each other.

Combine Field Sales Mobility with VMI tools to assist in keeping inventory counts correct. Changes can be made and propagate back in real-time.

VMI / Pay-By-Scan / Visibility

Nobody happier than your merchant.

With numerous reports and a rich visual interface at your disposal - sharing your inventory data with you customer couldn't be easier.