Avantalytics - retail analytics redefined.

Avantalytics is a comprehensive, fully managed retail analytics platform providing forecasting, demand planning, sales analytics, automated ordering, field sales management, time tracking, competitive intelligence tracking, weather analytics, demographics and more.

A Unified, Comprehensive, Retail Platform

True insights happen when you integrate key business facets effectively to make decisions. Each of our services is specifically designed to work seamlessly together elimninating the need for costly, time-consuming third-party integrations.

Best-in-Class Retail Analytics

Leverage our expertise and save time by plugging your data into our best-in-class retail analytics and reporting. Custom built to be not only powerful, but also incredibly user and team friendly.

Mobility & Field Execution.

Our mobile app was designed from the ground up to serve our clients. Learn how it can help increase your field team impact and save countless hours while driving accountability.

Demand Planning & Automated Ordering.

Combine flexible forecasting with the most customizable automated / assisted ordering interface on the market today.

Competitive Intelligence

See beyond your corporate walls with our competitive intelligence service. Monitor competitive pricing, assortments, availability in near real-time.

Fine Grained Weather Analytics

Weather is the single largest exogenous variable to sales forecasts. Gain deeper understanding through our fine-grained analytics capable of analyzing at the daily zip code level.

Demographics Data

Understand and investigate and uncover demographic trends and correlations quickly with our demographics package. Quickly evaluate correlation across hundreds of demographics and items.

Achieve ROI Multiples In Months

Each of our services provides opportunities to recoup multiples of the cost of service on an annual basis.

End The Cycle

Daily & Weekly Reporting.

Our surveys have shown the companies managing multiple retailer accounts spend 2-4 hours extracting, cleaning and reformatting data for reporting. Avantalytics can break the cycle by automating over 80% of the time spent here - a savings of up to 10hrs / week / analyst. .

Data Architecture & Storage

Optimize Licenses & Technology.

Through use of open-source technologies, in-house proprietary development, cloud deployment and years of experience, we've eliminated nearly 95% of the technology costs associated with building and maintaining an in-house BI system yourself.

The result is fast implementation, advanced retail metrics and knowledge and unmatched technological capability with an actual ROI.

Streamline Operations

Merchandising Savings

In a service industry, the majority of cost is employee hours and management time thereof. Our mobile app is specifically designed to streamline core functions each employee must do repeatedly multiple times daily .

Combined with savings on data collection and coordination, the ROI multiple quickly reaches double digits monthly.

Scalable From One Retailer To Hundreds.

Companies spend most of their time managing correlation of data between major retail accounts. Avantalytics platform unifies all your retail data and manages the complexities of disparate time periods, metrics, etc. to provide your management a seamless experience for all your retail accounts.


And Many More!

Come Grow With Us.

We help manage over $12 billion in annual retail sales for our clients across all their retail channels.

Get Integrated With All Our Services

With all our services - Our SaaS Analytics and the data it generates is available in a unified analytics platform for real-time monitoring and analysis.

Trusted By Thousands

The breadth of features makes our Our SaaS Analytics service the go-to choice for suppliers and merchandisers across hundreds of categories and retailers alike.


Whether you are a Fortune 100 company or a small up-start supplier - we're ready to work to grow your business.

Our Clients Are Our Best Sales People.

The saying is true - happy clients are your best salespeople. As a SaaS company, we actively solicit feedback and build features and enhancements continuously based on customer feedback.

Flexible, Affordable Pricing.

Its a core belief that good analytics shouldn't be reserved for big budgets. Our pricing is flexible allowing companies of nearly any size to reap time-savings, get organized, and understand their business better.

Starter  Plan

Core Retail Analytics

As little as $999 / Per Month

$500 per additional retailer.

No additional charge > 3 retailers.

Email support: Included

No data / storage fees

No per-user fees

Professional Support

$500 / Per Month

Webinar / Email / Phone Support.

Monthly webinar training: 3

Unlimited Email/Phone Support

Software requests: Yes

No hidden costs

Support covers all services

Bundles & Discounts

Save up to 50% on bundled service plans. Save 10% on multi-year contracts

Our services are designed to compliment each other. Save time and money and get your entire retail visibility in one place for the best price possible.

Contact us to discuss bundle pricing on our other service modules and save today!

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