Avantalytics provides a unified, fully-managed platform for consumer packaged goods companies to house, analyze, report, and share their retail sales data. Our unique approach focuses on the sales organization's needs and natively integrates key external data sources that are vital to fully understanding your customer's landscape and trends.

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Because its not just Retail Analytics we've redefined.

Your Data Integrated Easily With Ours, On Any Device.

Organizing and analyzing your data is just the beginning. We capture and cleanse numerous retail critical data sources to allow you to enhance your understanding of as many facets of your business as possible - no integration hassles or third-party fees.

Retail Landscape Monitoring

See beyond your corporate walls with our automated competitive data collection from the marketplace. Monitor and compare your items to your competitors on price, reviews and more.

Proprietary Analytics.

Proprietary algorithms designed specifically to analyze retail data highlight problems, opportunities. Search for hidden out-of-stocks by looking for lack of sales instead of lack of inventory, then quantify the amount with automatic cohort comparison and more.

Field Sales Integration.

Leverage field operations with centralized task management, time-tracking, surveys, photos and more. Increase work productivity with our purpose built mobility smartphone app. Organize your field teams data streams into a manageable and valuable on-the-ground information repository.

Weather Analytics

Easily integrate daily zip code level weather data for the entire U.S. with over 5 years of historical data. Log major weather events and quanitify their impact. Enable historical analysis to know when seasonality is shifting or a prior year impact is skewing your performance.

Automated Ordering / Inventory Tracking

Responsible for writing your own supply orders? Pay-by-scan complexity is eliminated with our VMI Module. Create, manage, share order templates to provide guidelines for ordering and then let out automated algorithms do the rest. Order for hundreds of stores in just minutes.

Integrated Demographics

Use demographic data to optimize product assortments and identify hidden market opportunities. Create custom composite demographic groups and monitor sales in relevant locations to uncover hidden market strengths.

Direct Support for over 95 of the Top 100 Domestic Retailers.
Available Right Out of the Box - Absolutely No EDI Mapping Fees.

We Help Businesses of All Sizes.

Whether you're just starting out selling to big box retailers or are struggling providing analysis on billions of dollars of sales across dozens of retailers we're here to help.

Sika USA
Sika chose Avantalytics because we could handle daily POS data with ease while providing the tools to power their field sales team.
Westchester Protective Gear
Westchester needed a solution to centralize their analysis among a growing list of retailers. Being in a highly seasonal weather driven market, they also benefited from our add-on services for weather and demographics.

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