Get ready to think about merchandising in a whole new way.

Whether you're a supplier, merchandising company or both - our services are designed to help you integrate your field operations and merchandising while reducing paperwork, and saving your hourly and back-office employees hours in productivity.

Task Coordination & Management

The core of merchandising is managing and completing field tasks as quickly as possible. But its also critical to be able to manage and report progress and feedback to your customer so they are comfortable with how things are progressing. Avantalytics offers a unique task-sharing platform where both parties can create and view task progress. The result is back office time savings - real-time progress updates, and better transparency - without added back-office hours and management reporting.

Time & Mileage & Location Tracking

Tracking time and mileage is essential for any company with hourly employees. Many payroll companies have mobile apps to do this, but it can be a hassle for employees managing multiple smartphone apps, logins etc. Not to mention the management time tracking hours in one system while managing schedules and customer tasks in another.

Avantalytics allows you to combine these into one intuitive and helpful mobile application tied to one back-end system for management. Your employee time and mileage is available for reporting, monitoring and export into your payroll system. Alerting can alert you to exxceptions like excessive travel time, hours limits and more.

Unlimited Photo Cloud Storage

Another key point of time consumption, particularly management time, is on the feedback organization from the field personnel to management. One key feedback mechanism is photos. Nothing tells a story like them, yet they can be notoriously difficult to manage over time as the number grows. We provide an interface which automatically organizes photos either by task or store visit - so you can easily find them later, without wasting man hours in doing so.

Integrated Real-time Inventory Updates

One of the most important features in merchandising is managing markdowns and credits while providing timely updates on inventories. In the Pay-by-scan world this is particularly tough. Our service allows you to connect directly to your customer's data to view and update inventory information in real-time. The result is you realize 99% time savings and reduction errors and delay of information between you and your customers. The result for your customer - better inventory accuracy and better ordering, leading to more sales.

Direct Support for over 95 of the Top 100 Domestic Retailers.
Available Right Out of the Box - Absolutely No EDI Mapping Fees.